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We believe Health & Safety Management should be easy and effective. Most competitors on the market offer highly complicated solutions whilst charging unnecessary amounts of money. This brought us to the point of developing a software which is straight-forward and easy to use for everyone involved. Proactive communication, investigation and taking actions can be done within a few simple clicks and is set-up for everyone on the team to understand and participate.

registration / sign up / log in

highvizz registration screenshot
If the company is already registered, it will show in the company field and your registration must be activated by your Super-Admin.
To register a new company, you will need a company email address, fill in all the fields, confirm your email and await confirmation, every company must be verified before activation, this wait varies from company to company. After activation the registering user will be made Super-Admin and has the responsibility to invite and/or activate the other accounts for the company.
Simply log in through the app or dashboard after activation. Only admins and above can view the dashboard. If the company is already registered, it will show in the company field and your registration must be activated by your Super-Admin.

our structure

highvizz structure diagram
Our structure allows for parent companies and holdings to view data for the separate companies and divisions, by assigning different roles to users.
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our system

Highly efficient Health & Safety Management software, accessible immediately and everywhere. HighVizZ was developed to assist companies to get a better view and understanding of health & safety across all their operations, offices & projects.
The tool allows you to communicate, investigate and act with regards to health and safety matters. It is designed to be fully functional across all platforms and does not require any form of IT infrastructure or extensive customer support.
highvizz system diagram

our user interface

highvizz mobile app user interface samples
The mobile interface is designed to be as easy and as fast to use as possible. it focuses on seeing your reported events, see and act on your set actions and edit your profile.
The dashboard is intended to be seen by management to analyse real time data gathered by the employees through the mobile app and be able to better view this data and assign tasks to the team gaining insight and control of your company’s health and safety.
highvizz app dashboard sample
need to know more? there is much more information on the in-app features and step-by-step guides on how to use them, just download the app and register to access the full user guide!